Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top chef madness

March has come around and unlike many others who experience March basketball madness, my madness is over the new season of Top Chef. The inaugural 4th season episode premiered last night and it didn't disappoint. Contestants were thrown into the kitchen for a quick-fire challenge barely hours after they scoped out their rivals. And to honor the host city's food tradition, the first challenge involves making their own signature deep dish pizza, which they just enjoyed for lunch.

As usual, the show moved at breakneck speed and the chefs tried both true-and-tried classics (like sausage, onion and mushroom combo) and the seemingly absurd (think vegemite and peaches on a pizza?). This might seem out of the point, but I really like soundtrack of the show; a little bit electronica, kind of jazzy and very upbeat. Next time you're watching, listen in.

Anyway, Chicago chef Stephanie Izard won the first challenge (yay!), but for me, the highlight of last night's episode was the oh-so-dreamy guest judge, Rocco DiSpirito. I mean, really, he's so scrumptious!

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