Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No muss, no fuss Classic Roast Chicken

It is with much regret that I didn't have sufficient stomach space to try a roast chicken while I was in Paris. The aroma of whole chicken being roasted kept wafting to my nose, seducing me as I roam the markets of Paris. Armed with a determination to satiate my craving for this classic, I made my own poulet rosti at home.

I started looking online for recipes and observed that the highest-rated recipes are the very simplest; so simple that there are only 3 ingredients: chicken, salt and pepper. When I read up more about roasting poultry, there are a few tips to keep in mind which will result in a moist, juicy bird trapped by thin, perfectly crisped skin.

First, you should never EVER (and I mean, NEVER EVER) pierce the skin before cooking. This will create holes through which those precious chicken juices to evaporate in the high heat of the oven, resulting in a yucky dry bird.

Second, it's imperative to dry the uncooked bird as much as possible. This involves pouring out the thawed liquids out of its cavity and letting paper towels absorb the excess water on the chicken skin. This will let the skin crisp beautifully and prevent the bird from being steamed from the innard liquids.

Third, like roasting beef, you have to let the cooked bird sit for 10-15 minutes before you start digging in; not only so you won't burn your tongue, but also to let the juices re-distribute throughout the whole bird.

Fourth, if you want to check the status of your bird by opening the oven periodically, DON'T! This lets heat escape from the oven and prevents your bird from having an even roasting temperature. Unless you have one of those fancy schmancy clear-doored oven, just leave the bird alone during the duration of cooking time!

Who knew that taking these simple, no muss, no fuss steps would give you a perfectly-roasted chicken? :)

Recipe for Classic Roasted Chicken

1 three- to four-pound chicken

Pre-heat oven to 450 deg Fahrenheit.

Drain liquid from chicken cavity and pat the outside dry with paper towel.

Season the cavity and the outside of the chicken generously with salt and pepper.

Place seasoned chicken on roasting pan.

Roast at 450 deg Fahrenheit for 50-60 minutes.

Let chicken rest for at least 10 minutes before enjoying.

I think this recipe gives you a roasted chicken so delicious that it can be enjoyed naked, by itself. But, if you're going to serve it alongside something else, it's very good atop a bed of baby greens with a scant drizzle of vinaigrette, as meat for a sandwich or with a side of baked potato. But you know what? Why ruin perfection? The only accompaniments this roast chicken needs are a tall glass of iced beverage and plenty of napkins!



glamah16 said...

That looks so good right about now. A hot roast chicken. Its cold and rainy here in Sweden here today.

agrainofsand said...

im so hungry right now

jesse said...

Wow ci, that does look perfect. Golden, crispy, not at all greasy... yummmm.

ioyces said...

wow!! that picture is worth a thousand words!!! and the seductively simple!!!! i'd have to try it soon!!!!

Unknown said...


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