Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ten things...

Seems like random lists of all kinds are popping up left and right thesedays. There's the perennial Dave Letterman's Top Ten List on his Late Show. Men's magazines never fail to have a top 100 or so hottest/sexiest women every year. NBC's Today show just finished showing their top ten list of America's most beautiful places today. There are also bestselling books listing the things to do and places to go before you die (how morbid!!!). I suppose it's the obsessive-compulsive side of us that keeps us coming back for more lists. As sloppy as I can be, even I write up to-do lists on occasion. Imagine that!

With my graduation looming around the corner (I hope), I've been evaluating (and re-evaluating) what I want to do or achieve in life. Unlike my more efficient friends, I don't have a five-year plan, let alone a 1.5-year one! But I do have an idea of some things I'd like to attempt before the turn of my third decade in this world. Of course, achieving them is another argument altogether, but anyways, here they are!

Ten things I'd like to (attempt to) do before I'm three decades young:

10. Play 18 holes
9. Set up business plan for a biotech (to take over the world!!!)
8. Have kids
7. Backpack in France (or Spain, or Russia, or Brazil, or Vietnam ... you get the idea)
6. Host a real dinner party
5. Complete a half-marathon
4. Bake a wedding cake
3. Re-read "Crime and Punishment"
2. Drive (or a get a ride in) a Lamborghini/Ferrari/Porsche (manual transmission please)
1. Taste fugu

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